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Earn points by paying your student loans

Student debt usually represents a huge expense with few ways to earn points on your payments. In this brief lecture and slide deck, you'll learn how to leverage student loan payments and 529s (or any educational expenses) to turn those into credit card points for reward travel!

What you'll get:

  • A step-by-step tutorial on Gift of College, the platform for paying student loans
  • How to maximize value on your payments 
  • Setting up a Fluz Power Portal to earn rewards on gift cards wherever you are located

This course is not licensed professional financial advice and is for your information only!

What People Are Saying:

Loved gift of college. Signed up and paid $$$$ to my loan. Yay!


I just redeemed my first Gift of College gift card. Thanks to you I know now that this is a great trick for helping out with my student loans! Even better, I'm using the gift card purchase to help meet my spend on a new travel credit card to get the sign up bonus.


This presentation on paying off student loans with gift cards was mind-blowing to me. Her presentation made it really easy to follow and I like how she explained everything clearly. It was very information and empowering to see someone making a huge expense for many work a little bit more in their favor.