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Leverage your expenses to create meaningful travel experiences and use your precious time off to its fullest.

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Burnout is rampant in medicine ...

We may feel like we don't have the means to get away from work. We may feel like we can't take time off. We may feel guilty for spending money on anything that isn't our student debt.

And yet medicine demands we spend so much on our profession. From licensing to board exams to conferences on our own dime ... shouldn't we get something back?

I'll teach you how. I'm Kelly, the Points and Miles Doc, and a surgeon in Los Angeles. As a busy academic surgeon, I cherish my time off, and I use points and miles to create meaningful travel experiences I otherwise could not afford.

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Learn the basics!

Get started by learning the basics of points and miles in my free guide! Get to know this hobby from the ground up and understand the basics of how credit card rewards work.

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Points and Miles for Trainees

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Take your knowledge to the next level. This low-cost course focuses on offsetting the costs of travel and earning points on an trainee's salary. 

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Points and Miles for Attendings

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You've worked hard. This course focuses on earning points for premium travel experiences on an attending's income.

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"My colleague is taking her family of 7 to Israel this summer, all because of your advice!"

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"Thanks to your help, I redeemed a trip to Tokyo and Doha in QSuites! Thank you so much for that"

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Get started with my free guide to points and miles

It doesn't have to be complicated

Earning points and miles through credit cards and travel can seem overwhelming at first. Understand the basics with my free guide to points and miles. It covers everything you'll want to know for getting started with a points strategy.

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Are you a medical student, resident, or fellow, looking to take your points and miles strategy to the next level?

I'm making this low cost course available specifically for trainees. With limited time off and income, this course teaches you how to offset the costs of travel so you can focus on living frugally and paying down debt.

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Attendings, are you fighting burnout?

You've delayed gratification for a long time, but most attendings don't have the net worth to travel how we want to. This course focuses on earning on an attending's salary and redeeming for premium experiences to optimize every moment of your hard-earned time off.

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