Use your hard earned points and miles to createĀ intentional, meaningful travel experiences to fight burnout.

Hi, I'mĀ Kelly, the Points and Miles Doc

I'm a busy surgeon, division director, funded researcher, fellowship director, and surgical coach ... and I love teaching medical professionals about points and miles.Ā 


When I was a fourth year medical student, I had to take out an additional loan just to travel to residency interviews all around the country. While some interviews might be virtual now, the process to becoming a physician is laden with high expenses throughout our entire careers.Ā 

When I learned about points and miles in 2015 as a young attending, my goals were to offset the costs of travel so I could focus on paying off loans, buying a home and saving for the future.

Now as a mid-career academic surgeon, I aim to make the most of my vacation time by booking the most comfortable and meaningful travel experiences I can. Experiences I could never afford if I paid cash.

Physicians are busy, and burnout is rampant in medicine. I believe by effectively automating our expenses onto travel reward credit cards, we can further enjoy our most valuable commodity - time.

I became a physician because I'm fascinated by the wonderful biodiversity and people in this world, and I can't wait to see it all!

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