Why take a course?

As physicians, we take lots of courses.


How to do a surgical procedure. How to optimize your billing. Updating your BLS. Even hospital-run courses on preventing burnout (which are unlikely to help with burnout)!

Why not take a course for fun, something that will actually give you the skills to counteract burnout and best utilize your most precious commodity: time.

I've been learning about and using points and miles since 2015, and I've amassed a huge amount of resources for planning travel. My goal is to teach you how to plan and book your own travel on points and miles.

I wanted to create courses to put all of the information I have into one easy-to-follow, step-by-step space. Our busy schedules require optimization, and I want you to get the most actionable material in the fastest way possible.

What will I get?

  • Detailed instructions on developing a credit card strategy to maximize your spending
  • Deep dives into how airline and hotel loyalty programs work and how to best take advantage of those with transferrable points and status
  • Resources and tutorials for searching for award availability and booking award flights and nights
  • A step-by-step workbook for planning a dream points vacation from start to finish
  • And so much more!

Become a Points and Miles Doc for Medical Trainees is here!

This course focuses on the unique issues of medical trainees: those who may be starting out with credit for the first time, those with high expenses and debt, and those with median to no salaries at all. You are the ideal group to offset travel expenses with points and miles, and I can't wait to teach you how!

Past participants estimate travel savings of up to $6000 after taking this course! 

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Trainee Course Participant

I wish I had the opportunity to take this course years ago! Dr. Kelly has created a thorough, easy to navigate course that will truly step up your points and miles game. Having the perspective of someone who has gone through medical training (and written this course in that lens) is invaluable. Our path is intrinsically different from the average person our age, and this course caters to those differences and shows you how to use them to your advantage.

Trainee Course Participant

The amount of value in this short course is so unexpected. Kelly managed to take a complete point-hacking newbie from zero to “I think I can do this!” in just a few short hours. There’s very little “fluff” to her content, and she offers actionable, step-by-step explanations, and even includes some handouts (a dream trip planner, a points tracker, and much more). I’m so excited to try my hand at this, and I am so grateful to the Points and Miles Doc for empowering me to start.

Trainee Course Participant

This course taught me so much about searching for awards and transferring points! I can’t wait to use my new skills to plan my next international trip!

Have student loans to pay?

Did you know you can earn points and miles while paying back your student loans?

This lecture and slide deck dives into the details of how to maximize award travel through earning credit card rewards from your student loans.

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